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My current gas furnace works great but I was interested in learning about heat pumps. Rick Mora came to my house, spend a good hour explaining how they work, what my home would need, and potential tax credits. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and was in no hurry to rush me for a sale. Not only has he been gracious through my 25 emails these past six weeks, he answered the phone when my electrician had a question. So, I'm pleased to say that today he installed a heat pump for me. Consistent from our first meeting, Rick wants to be sure his customers understand the pros and cons, possibilities of what may happen, and options available. I highly recommend American Heating and Air, with no reservation.
Tressa B.
Mill Valley, CA
Messages flooded in pretty quickly after my HVAC project "request-a-quote" and I chose Rick/American Heating because of his personalized response. (Not to mention their 5* rating!) I understand larger companies are busy and use auto-reply but for old-school girls like me, I appreciated the human touch. My mom's dinosaur furnace was not working and Rick worked SOOOOO professionally and patiently with her (she has significant verbal/receptive aphasia,) explaining all the options clearly. (SIDE NOTE: Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence. Please always treat them with respect and speak to them, not to their "translator." Rick was amazing with her, even writing out her options because that helped her understand.) Personal feelings aside, he was professional and clear about the repair options. Prices were fair and as quoted. My mom chose a band-aid for now but he'll definitely be the one we call when time to replace the heater. Parts ordered, furnace repaired, house is warm again. I highly recommend American Heating & Air.
Heidi D.
Santa Rosa, CA